Thursday, June 11, 2009

We Have Pre-Approval For

Megan Yun Zhi

We received an email this morning letting us know we have our pre-approval. It took 3 and half weeks to get it. In adoption it is a hurry up to wait. Now we are waiting for our SCL (seeking conformation letter) this we were told would take about 3 months. Then about another month to get travel approval , and another 4 weeks to actually leave. SO, we "supposedly" will be traveling sometime in October . We would love your prayers that it would move along quicker than that.

A little about Megan

Nan Yun Zhi was on our agencies dedicated list know only as CHI-8. This list was put on their website the middle of April. For the next 2 weeks I would look over the list everyday. Sometimes multiple times a day. I kept coming pack to her photo. There was something about this little girl that I just could not get her out of my mind. On April 28Th I email our agency and asked to view her file. (only 1 family could view a file at a time) For the next week I made countless phone calls to doctors to try to get any information on her eye condition. As you can see from her photo she has what is call Esotropia. With no luck from the doctors I was getting a little discouraged. I just wanted to talk to someone in this field to glean whatever information they could give. The director of the Chin@ team in our agency called me the following Monday to see if we could let her know by Friday if we wanted to move forward or not. Another family was interested in viewing her file as well. After hanging up the phone I said a prayer asking God to open a door if we were to move forward. Not only did he open it, it was flung wide open. I decided to make one more phone call to a local ophthalmologist. They were willing to meet with me and just happened to have a opening that some week. I took it!!! When I got to the appointment I felt as if they rolled out the red carpet for me. Everyone in the office knew about this women coming for a consult for a possible adoptive child. The Md. wanted us to go ahead and start a file on her. (I thought that was jumping the gun a little) So we did. In hind sight I can see that was ALL God's doing. The doctor after looking at her medical information and her photos calmly looked at me and matter of factly said " she needs surgery " then proceeded to tell about it. With those words I knew without a doubt CHI-8 was our daughter. I called our agency that night to tell them she is our daughter. By that Monday 5-18-09, our LOI (letter of intent) was on its way to Chin@.
Nan Yun Zhi (Megan) is 16 mo. old. Born on January 4th 2008. (She was born at the same time we started filling out all of our paperwork at the Begining of our adoption Journey) she is 19 lbs. and is about 34 in. tall. and has 12 teeth. She is described as being quiet, sweet and smiles a lot. I am counting the days until I finally get to hold her. I am so amazed at the love I already have for her and we have never met. I love you my darling daughter and can't wait to hold you and love on you.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We have no change in our status to report. We are patiently waiting for our Pre-Approval. Once we get it I will post more information about our little girl. Such as Name, where she is and a little about her conditions. I know many of you can't wait to hear what her new name will be. It is the first question people ask when we talk about her. Our pre-approval should come any day now.

Our Kids are so excited about having a new sister. Trent, whenever we are talking to someone likes to interrupt and answer the questions for us. He has been listening to us for so long that he knows just what to say. Jared and Derek like to talk about her to everyone they meet. Be it at the dentist, grocery store, or wherever. Nicole is anxious to bring her home too. Finally another girl to play with. We received a toddler bed for her sister to sleep in about a week ago. Can you guess where Nicole has been sleeping for the past few days?