Wednesday, January 25, 2012


We are getting a lot closer to bringing our sweet Sophie home. As Chris would put it I am starting to nest. I have put up the crib in the girls room, made lists of things to get and things to do, and have even hung clothes in the closet. I am having to force myself to not get the suitcases down and start packing. I think Chris would put his foot down at that.
Where We Are In Our Journey
Our Letter of Acceptance (LOA) came 2 weeks ago and we have now applied for the 2ND half of our immigration. Our agency is telling us we will be traveling in April. I am hoping we can travel the first part of April. When we received word from our agency we had our LOA I asked if we would be getting an update on Sophie. They told us that they would contact the orphanage and see about getting us one. She said the update would have her latest measurements, milestones and development in the update. One week later we received an email containing our update. Sophie is now 18 lbs. and is 27 in. tall. She can now walk on her own. Plus there was information about what she is eating, and her daily routine. In the update they also included recent pictures. They have let her hair grow, YEA!!!!
I find myself staring at this sweet face and thinking about the day when she will be in my arms. Plus I want to pinch those cheeks!!!!!