Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Time To Catch Up

I guess I need to bring you up to date on our families happenings. We have now been home with Sophie for 4 months. My  how time flies!! Lets me go back to April 19th the day we came home.
Once again we were overwhelmed by the large crowd of family and freinds that came out to welcome us home. We are so greatful to have such love and support.
Our First family Photo

Once home settling in was a challange. Sophie had a hard few weeks of adjusting. Her sleeping was off and would only fall asleep if being held. Even then when putting her to bed you held your reath as you laid her down. Hoping you would not wake her. Everyone in the family quickly fell in love with her. These past few months I have hardly had to do much for her. At any given moment the kids are there to lend a hand. They all love to help wether it is putting her in her high chair or her carseat. Getting her food or a drink or playing with her they are ready. The biggest surprise is how Nicole has become a little mommy. There have been many days during the week that Sophie is dressed and diaper changed before being brought downstairs. Nicole has even changed a handful of poppy diapers. That is a lot for an olmost 8 year old. I was 13 when I changed my first dirty diaper. Elsie and Sophie are getting along great. Our fear was Elsie would feel out of place by adding a sister and take it out out her. That has not been the case. She has enjoyed having a new little sister.

We have had a wonderful summer that has been busy. Just this month My oldest brother and his family from Oaklahoma came to visit. It is always fun and crazy when the whole family gets together. All the kids enjoyed late night swims and playing together. My parents took all 4 grandsons for a week of camping up at Jedadiah Smith. They had so much fun!! (I will post more once I get pictures of the trip) While my brother was here we had a family photos taken. Here are a few from that day.

On July 31st we had our consult for Sophie and her Cleft palate. As he walked into the room his firsts words were "My she is beautiful". I knew he was going to be good. He has come highly recomended by others who have had him as a doctor. After talking with him for a little while he informs us that this surgery should have happened "like yesterday" in his words. He said he prefers cleft babies to have the surgery to repair the palate somewhere between the age of 1 year to 18 mo. Sophie is 21 months old now and is trying to say words. We know what she is saying but to anyone else it sounds like babbling. When we recieved to referal of Sophie we were told she had a soft cleft palate. Once we talked with the doctor he looked at Sophie's cleft. After he told us that it alos affected part of the hard palate as well. We were told that this surgery need to happen quickly. Once he left the room the scheduler came and and informed us her surgery date was for August 16th. Wow that was fast!!! Well that day is tomorrow and w need to be at the hospital at 6:30 am. Actual surgery time is scheduled for 8:30 am. Please pray for her during the surgery as well as the next few weeks as she heals. Also for this moms nerves as I wait in the waiting room and patience wit her as she heals. We will keep you updated ( I promise) on how everything goes.