Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Momma's Coming

China Here we come!!!!!

We had an email this morning from our agency which stated that they received our travel approvals. YEAH!!!!! They will be contacting the American Consulate in China to make our appointments. If able to secure the appointment dates they want we will be leaving Sept. 16Th. Here is what our itinerary looks like while in China.

Thurs, Sept 17, arrive in Beijing

Fri, Sept 18, day of sightseeing and meet up with our travel group

Sat, Sept 19, sightseeing
Sun, Sept 20, fly to capital city of your child’s province
Mon, Sept 21, meet your child (she will be with us from that point on)
Tues, Sept 22, do registration and apply for the passport
Wed & Thurs, Sept 23 - Sep 24, sightseeing and free days
Fri, Sept 25: get the passport and all papers back.

Sat. Sept 26: medical exam
Sun. Sep 27, free day
Mon, Sep 28, ACS appt (first choice)
Tues, Sept 29, take oath at the ACS & receive children’s visas late in day depending on date of ACS appt.

Wed, Sept 30, you can leave Guangzhou on this day and return to the US

We are so excited that this is coming so fast. We will try to keep this blog updated as much as possible while there. We would love for you to keep us in your prayers while we are on our trip. Having the support of family and friends is very important to us.

As stated in the prior post we had our pre-approval. July 21st is when we got our SCL ( seeking confirmation letter) This was just 40 days after pre-approval. We were told it would take between 3 to 5 months. Since that time we have been working on getting things ready for when we do travel. Our passports have been mailed to the Chinese Consulate in San Fransisco for our visas. I have been shopping for all the things we will need for our trip. And trying to get in as much school with the kids before we leave.

As many of you know we had made the decision to not incur any new debt as we finish this adoption. Just as we made this decision Chris was given 3 furlow days a month equaling a 15% cut in pay. Putting our faith in God we plowed forward. It has been amazing to sit back and watch God provide. Through major cuts in the way we spend our money each month, Yard sales and the sale of Chris's truck and through very generous gifts we have made it to our goal.

The yard sales were a huge success. We had so many people donate items that is was so overwhelming the love and support that we felt. The first was on Aug 1st where we made $2400, the second sale was 2 weeks later. We made another $1000 at that one. Just yesterday we became a 1 car family as we sold Chris's truck. We count it as a blessing that we had something of value to sell. We plan on saving for a while after we are back to replace it. Nothing fancy just something to get him to and from work. One of the many things we have been reminded of is that the things of this earth are only temporary. And are we willing to sacrifice or give up the things we do have.

This last Saturday I was in complete shock as I pulled up to my mom's. On the lawn were family and friends ready to greet me at my "surprise shower". I was completely surprised and that's hard to do. I was moved to tears many times throughout the day, just overwhelmed by all the support and love from everyone. Plus the total provision by God and His answers to our many prayers. We are so excited to be closing this chapter of our journey as we will be starting a new one with Megan home as part of our family.

I cannot thank everyone who has helped us all along the way enough. Words sometimes just do not do justice to the way we feel about each and everyone of you. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

This a photo of what the first yard sale looked like. It covered my parents front yard.