Monday, April 9, 2012


This afternoon we took a 15 minute cab ride to the adoption affairs office for the Hunan province. Each province in China has the office in the corresponding province's Capital City. Sophie traveled over 8 hours from her orphanage along with the orphanage director and a couple of the nannies. When the taxi arrived at the office, we were escorted to a waiting room and were told Sophie was already in the building. Even though it was a short wait, it seemed like forever. For many of you who have experienced adoption, you may know the feelings of anxiety that can suddenly come over you. We were no different.
Then she came into the room....
After the director placed Sophie on the ground, she cried and wanted to go back to the director and shunned Tamra for a moment. No worries on our part, that actually is a good thing to see because it shows she was able to form some kind of attachment.
It is a wonderful thing to experience and no amount of words can express the moment.
Sophie is deciding if Chris needs to shave the goatee off.
We all agreed that Chris will keep it this time.
There were a few tears
After filling out the paperwork, we made it back to our hotel room where she became a little more friendly.
She loves the blocks
We have been waiting since November 1st to pinch those checks.


  1. She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! We love you so much! Can't wait to kiss those cheeks & squeeze her... GOD is so good! huggggggss ~aub

  2. the moment of face to face for the first time!!

  3. She's a beauty! So happy for you! We'll continue to keep you in our thoughts!

  4. She is a doll! Her sibblings will be anxious to hug and kiss her too! Congratulations. Darla

  5. Such a blessing! I am tearing up just reading this and seeing the photos. Thanks for sharing! Trisha Ranes