Thursday, April 12, 2012

Just hangin out

Between the thunder storms and Sophie's naps, we have been spending quite a bit of time in our hotel room. We are staying at a Sheraton, so it is not too bad, although it is more of a business hotel. When we go outside we always see Mercedes Benzs, Land Rovers, and even a Rolls Royce parked at the entrance. There are some very wealthy people here in China. Our hotel in Beijing had a Lamborghini and Ferrari dealership down the street.
Sometimes when we are trapped in our room we just look out our window for entertainment. Traffic is usually bad, but gets worse during the rain. Words can not describe how insane the aggressive driving habits of the people can be. There are no rules of the road, there more suggestions. I have had to close my eyes on more then one occasion when in our taxi.
Today we watched a few workers putting up a new billboard more then 5 stories above the street. Sometimes they would use harnesses, sometime not. I get nervous just watching them.
The other day we watched window cleaners repel from the roof.
We did get out this morning (Thursday) and went back to the civil affairs office for an official ceremony where they presented us with an adoption certificate.
After that we went to an embroidery museum/showroom. Hunan is well know for there embroidery. Evidently, it is a vanishing trade, because it is so time consuming.
Sophie took a nap in the taxi on our way to Yuelu Academy.
The academy, a place where Confucian scholars taught, has been around since 976. Mao Zedong even went to school here in Changsha.


  1. Good Morning Gardners!! Congratulations on your new "baby"!! The rain in China came to Fresno. That way I guess you and your stateside fam can be experiencing the same rain. ;-) Sophie is of course a beautiful little girl and is an ordained edition to your family....can't get much better than that!! I look forward to meeting her and watching her grow and thrive in your loving home. I don't know what all you have left there in China to do, but we will be praying for it all to be accomplished and you to reunite with the rest of your family safely!
    Sincerely encouraged,
    Kristie and the Jetts

  2. Wow is she darling :) I am so excited to see her in person!

  3. Congratulations Chris and Tamra. Sooo thankful to see the pictures.