Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Its official, she is a Gardner

It was confirmed that Sophie is officially a Gardner when we took her to Pizza Hut for dinner on gotcha day and discovered that she can hold her own when it comes to pizza.
Actually, it occurred when we went back to the adoption affairs office after the one day "harmonious period" and completed all the Chinese paperwork.
Sophie did not object to her foot print on the adoption certificate so we interpret that as meaning she is willing to live with us. She tolerates us I suppose, but we do LOVE her.
The orphanage director was also at the office. We had an opportunity to speak with her through an interpreter and found out that she is in charge of a smaller, special needs orphanage. From little clues observing Sophie, it would seem that Sophie was well cared for at her orphanage.
We have not ventured out of our Hotel that much. This is the raining season here, and there has been no shortage of it in the last day. At one point in the afternoon, the wind picked up, the sky grew dark and the rain came pouring down. It was kind of funny from our vantage point on the 10th floor to see all the people on the street trying to run to get out of the rain. Since it was about dinner time we opted for room service.
We did manage to get out at one point yesterday and snap a few pictures of Sophie in a garden that the hotel has on the 6th floor.
We did discover that Sophie does not like baths.
It is almost 8:00 and we are getting ready to head down for breakfast. Sophie had a rough night. When we got her she had a runny nose and cough. We have been trying to treat it but it appears that she is still suffering a bit. Not sure how much of it is the cold and how much may be the grieving process that she may be going through, which is very typical.

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  1. Congrats! She is a cutie! Hope the rain stops tomorrow!